Thunderbolt Strong Ale

Thunderbolt Details

  • Style: Strong Ale
  • Colour: Copper
  • Alcohol: 6.4 % ABV
  • Process: Very typical ale brewing techniques used to produce this ale. Produced from the original recipe exclusively for the Pump House Tavern, Darling Harbour.
  • Tasting Notes: High alcohol levels balanced using typical ‘English’ hops, Fuggles and Goldings. Full bodied yet quite smooth to drink.
  • Availability: Produced exclusively for the Pump House Tavern, Darling Harbour

The Statue of Captain Thunderbolt in Uralla.A FAVOURITE AT PUMPHOUSE SINCE THE LATE 80s

The legendary Thunderbolt Strong Ale has been a favourite at Pumphouse since the late 80's – little known however is where the bar's staple house craft brew got its name from…

Captain Thunderbolt (born Fredrick Ward) began work in 1833 at the early age of 11!

Working on several horse studs, his duties over the next 10 years would be "breaking in" horses throughout Western and later, Northern New South Wales.

His nephew began a dubious horse and cattle stealing business in 1856 which ultimately had many in the Ward family involved. The outlaw was sent to Cockatoo Island Prison once for horse theft and then later twice for abusing his leave-ticket

When visiting his pregnant girlfriend Mary Ann Bugg, he arrived late for his three month muster, and it is here that the Captain Thunderbolt story truly evolves…

Having hidden for two days and making a swim for it to nearby Woolich, Captain Thunderbolt and his companion Fred Britten escaped and began holding up various cattle stations and private residences whilst on the run.

Thunderbolt's knowledge of horses would make him one of the hardest bushrangers to catch throughout all of New South Wales - in fact he was the longest running bushranger in 19th Century Australia!

After forming and disbanding several gangs - Captain Thunderbolt was eventually shot dead on 25th May 1870 by Constable Alexander Binney Walker.

A statue stands to this day in Uralla on the corner of the New England Highway and Thunderbolt's Way... and the legend lives on in Pumphouse's Thunderbolt Strong Ale!

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